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*45 Days AIAPGET  2022Crash course*

*Fees -2000/-*

Class starts *04/08/22*


For registration contact - 9400902252,9633648020


Course detail - pre recorded classes and updated Android app specialy designed for AIAPGET 

Pre recorded classes - includes essential points ,must to study points for AIAPGET - 45 Topics 


CEET Ayurveda App is your one stop solution for all your Ayurveda exam preparation needs. We provide content that will enable you to ace in Ayurveda PG(AIAPGET) exam, 

We provide you with our vast set of curated multiple choice questions in a user friendly and productive way that will minimise your boredom during the preparation and instill the competitiveness in you.

The preparation materials are organised Topic wise and Samhitha wise to ease you with your preparations and attain the best results in competitive exams in Ayurveda.

Our question collection has more than 2 lakh questions that include previous exam questions from All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test(AIAPGET)

We have a proven track record with our students getting top ranks in the previous years’ All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test(AIAPGET).  


What's we offer

Daily exams - Subject wise , Samhita wise Rapid fire tests to sharpen your memory  and check your accuracy

Leader boards in daily exams to benchmark yourself  and know your ranks on daily , weekly, all time basis

Self challenge - Build custom exams by selecting the topics that you need to focus. Select the topic, time and number of questions and evaluate yourself.

Quiz zone - Chapter wise exams on Samhithas, and subject  wise exams covering all Ayurvedic and Modern subjects

Mini map for Model exams with colour codes  for attended, non attended and tagged questions

Chance favors the prepared